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Youth Leadership

We are a believer in the qualities that lay beneath the surface of every young person, just some need more prodding than others to be all they can be.

It's about providing the right environment for success, we say allow a kid to be a kid without the grown up pressures and the need for outside influences such as gang involvement.

Teach as you would like to have been taught, by example, we help the youth in our program reach their full potential through respect of person, environment & associations.

We care, we ask, we involve the parent(s) and their guardians in our community programs that are directed at youth & young adults.

We strive to be the best of all the rest, not by accident but, by careful planning

Youth & Civic Engagement

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Our programs are directed at youth and young adults from every community and, any background.

Today is the first day of change, change for the better.

 Our programs offer community engagement, self expression & Involvement in self growth through understanding of self and the needs within a family environment to manage youth and adult anger issues .

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Youth-Adult Partnership

Its not easy going from a kid to a young adult, We as a program built for the purpose of offering an in-road to communication that is both give and take that involves both factors of youth and adults and our program volunteers/ members and parent(s) and or guardians 

 Preparing for our upcoming summer food program participation, taking on even greater territory in the land of Charlotte, North carolina and looking forward to the challenges of expanding our reach and program objectives to give an everyday wonderful summer to growing children , youth and young adults.

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Youth Development

Kids will be kids and while we want them to enjoy their period of childhood, we also know that the avenues of responsibility,  have to begin in the very early stages of life.

Through our association & interface with our youth,  we give them every opportunity to develope their skills with positive communication, reasoning abilities and self expression.

Parental inclusion is mandated as a major part of any and all of our monthly or annual programming without the ties to gangs or gang participation. 

Youth and  adult participation in all of our agency programming is a requirement that is mandatory.